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Saturday, November 1, 2008

What is Happening People??

Like a fellow blogger, Pamela said on Flack Me earlier: "Please someone tell me–how many more days until the election? SIGH." This campaign is getting really strange, and to a point...scary - people are getting "verbally violent". Pamela was right; America is not as far evolved as we would like to think. I was watching the news on Friday, and could not believe me ears as I heard people scream out that Obama is a..."terrorist" or "bomb Obama". WHAT??!!

Then I figured out what the problem is (besides the definite racial issues): McCain. Like everyone in the good ole US of A, last Tuesday I was watching the Presidential debate. What I saw, put everything into perspective. It took me some time to find this clip, but here is a perfect example of the nature of the old U.S.A.

I know that recently, McCain has tried to calm down the attacks on Obama, by stating during a rally that "he indeed respected Senator Obama, and thought of him as a decent man…a family man, and that there was no need for anyone to fear him if he were to be elected president." But I think the damage has been done.


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