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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Shopping with Mastercard

Lately I have noticed that there are not that many commercials which come with a lot of heart. Most are about self preservation, preserving your child’s health, slapstick humor, sex or whatever is applicable to the item they are selling. A fellow blogger (from my other site) wrote an article about a commercial with heart (Microsoft Makes Great Commercials). When I see a commercial with heart, I think that it should be applauded!

I saw this commercial the other day and fell in love; it did bring a tear to my eye. It’s a fairly new spot from McCann World Group. It features a woman who is wandering through a magical little shop and actually buys priceless things. "28 laughs, 9 hugs, 52 smiles, 2 contented sighs = $0. A free day to take them all in: Priceless". I hope everyone can enjoy a day to take all those things in, because nothing beats the sound of laughter. Am I right? Or am I right?


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