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Monday, November 3, 2008

Heres a thought...

I know that people have a tendency to over-react. I am one of them....actually a major one at times! So here goes my over-reaction....maybe.

Why can't we all just get along? People are just bashing each other left and right! People are so full of hate and bitterness. Its become more evident with this election. On my twitter account I was following this woman (obviously not following anymore), and she was spewing these facts - real or fake is not my point. My point is she kept going on and on! She kept saying the same things over and over and over! I thought wow, she really believes in McCain, but this is a bit much.

Now the thing that made upset and stop following her was her saying this: 'You can't call yourself a real Christian if you vote for Obama' and other garbage stating you would go to hell if you vote for Obama, your a horrible person blah, blah, blah, blah. Now thats just plain wrong! Who are you to say this? Who are you to judge lady?

It's funny my pastor talked about this subject, just this Sunday. Just because you have a conviction about something (i.e. smoking, drinking alcohol...voting for whoever) - doesn't mean everyone has the same convictions! Doesn't mean you must change the opposing convictions. You can hear the awesome sermon here.

Why do we have to make everyone believe the same way we do? Why can't we just let the Lord work in their lives? Who are we to think that we need to convince people about things the Lord has convicted us about? God gave us free will for a reason people!!!!

I personally don't drink any alcohol, but I happen to know of two Godly people who drink wine on occasion. I know several Godly people who drink socially. There's nothing wrong with that! I happen to know Christians who are voting for Obama and I know Christians are voting for McCain. I even know some Christians who do not want to vote at all (they don't believe in either candidate). I am not going to accuse any of those people for not being a true Christian, I am not going to try and guilt them into anything. I am just going to love them like Christ loves us.


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