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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life Now...

So now life is going on as normal as possible; but not really. I took a recent picture of my husband, and it seems as if he aged 20 years within the past month. Things are so different. I still blame the miscarriage on myself. Dave doesn't, but I can't help feel like its my fault.

I still am a little chunky from the pregnancy, so my self esteem is suffering. Greatly suffering. My husband has never been the romantic kind, I love him to death and I know he loves me...but he sooo sucks at that!!

So, work is going sorta well. I am a blog manager at Talent Zoo, I work on their family of blogs called OffSet Media. I am now paid per blog entry, it makes it a little more stressful...but I like writing. So far everything has been fine. The CEO and CFO told me that they are working on stuff to give me, so that I can earn more money. I am supposed to start that tomorrow.

God help us.

Dave freaks out about money so much. I keep trying to encourage him, but its like he's not listening! I keep trying to point him toward the bible, but I don't know whats happening with him. God please work in our lives! Dave told me today, that he wished he had the faith I do. I told him: "You can, you just have to believe."

I gotta keep praying for him. Then again, my father has been that same way since I was born. Then again, you never know! People can change.

Oh yea, Dave wants to go see his family for Thanksgiving. His family in Georgia. They are already having problems because we are not sleeping over. Dude, I don't mean to sound snobby - but they want us to sleep on the floor on an air mattress. Not even to mention my horrible back, but Dave has a horrible back and demands to do all the driving. So we are going to stay at a nearby Hotel.

We want to get there Wednesday morning (leaving Tuesday night) - and spend the day sight-seeing in Atlanta. Then we want to leave early Friday morning. His family hates me. That's the problem. No, hate is a strong word and its not the whole family. His mother does not like me. She is so mean to me. Her little snide comments go over Dave's head...but UGH!

She treats Dave's sister-in-law that way too. Dave's brother and her have been married for 5 years, and they have a 3 year old child together. That baby has not really spent time with Dave's mom. Its her fault!

Ok, well I have vented enough for the day. I need to go pray.



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