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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad Day...

Today was not a good day. First, I did not get to bed until 2:30 this morning because of work. Then, I woke up later - not a problem for normal people. I'm not normal - I have a schedule that I need to keep to if not - everything feels just wrong...I seriously think I have OCD sometimes.

So then at the end of my day, I get an email from one of the sites that I had been promoting on for work, saying I violated the TOS. I looked over the TOS again, and I did not violate any of them. Then I get an email from the CEO's secretary telling me that the articles I have been posting on a site were not acceptable.


The site they have me writing articles for, I have absolutely NO experience in - Public Relations. So DUH PEOPLE!!! I am going to write about what I know - Advertising.

People just suck today. I think that this day feels worse only because I got my period today, so everything was just amplified by like 10 million. I can't wait to go to sleep.


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