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Friday, July 18, 2008

Batman Midnight Showing.....

Ok, so I have been a die hard (or so I thought) fan of Batman. Back when I was younger, the original Batman movies never sat well with me. I am talking about the ones with Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and Gerorge Clooney.

They made Batman seem like a joke, comical. I would leave the theater dismayed after watching one of their movies. But then came along Chris Nolan and Christian Bale [Sidebar: Oh, how much I love Christian Bale!! I will watch him in anything!! He is such a great actor!!! Next is the Terminator SALVATION movie]. Oh, how they have restored my faith in Batman and movies again!

So last night(or really this morning), Dave and I went to see The Dark Night movie. It was so awesome! Words can not describe......except to say it has to be seen! It was actually my first midnight showing ever! I was a little aprehensive about it. I was wondering if we were gonna be the only people in the theater. Then I started wondering what people would be in the theater with us......so much was going through my mind. I had no idea what to expect.
So, Dave and I got to the movie theater about 9:15pm to get our tickets. We saw that there was a couple of people in line already. Dave and I started to make fun of them, but then the ticket guy told us that they had broken some sort of record with the number of tickets they sold. They were expecting almost 2000 people for the first showing. They had 11 theaters set aside for the movie, and had already sold out of 6 by the time we picked up our tickets.

We live in a small town (again, or so I thought), so we figured if we got there around 11pm for the show, we would be fine. This guy was telling us basically we should come in early, so we did. We were able to sit in our seats @ 9:30pm. Dave was so happy that we were able to get the two seaters, but I was grumpy because we had to sit there for 2.5hrs to wait for the movie.

Thankfully it went by fast. Reason being are because of the fans that came in after us. There was this group of about 20 college age kids that came in around 10pm. The first thought that came to my mind was "Great! These knuckleheads are gonna make such a rukus, and ruin this movie for us." About 5 or 6 of them were dressed up as the Joker....and I mean all out dressed up....make up and everything! Then there was this kid with them, oh such a geek, so cute. He was dressed up as Batman. Old School Batman (think Adam West)! It was so cute...yet not really. He had the tights and everything! His special-ness was all out there for everyone to see. They were the true die hard fans.....one could argue.

But I do have to say that they were good movie goers. They were respectful to the movie (and others)! Yes, I am shocked....college kids usually ruin movies for me. But is was great! Maybe one or two cheers....but I have to say I was joining in with them [Sidebar: If you don't cheer at that same part....then you are not a true Batman fan]

All in all a very good time. Again, it was my first ever midnight showing, and I loved it. Will definitely hafta do it again!

GO SEE BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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