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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, this is life in a recession. Where, no one can buy anything, and prices are going through the roof! I know my profile picture has a black and white picture......but that is actually a picture of my Grandmother. This is an updated picture of me and my honey.

During the last recession, I was only 2 or 3. This sucks! I lost my job last month due to "business being slow"...yeah that's code for "Your work is better than mine, so I am going to let you go". Which, quite honestly is the truth in this case. I was doing more work than my manager, and suggesting to her ways to better the business. Yeah, stupid me. But hey I learned, and shortly thereafter, I got a job with Talent Zoo. THANK GOD!!! So, now allegedly me and my honey are supposed to be saving money by me working at home? Right?
WRONG!!! With gas prices going up.........the prices of everything else is going up too! Maybe I should have paid more attention in Economics at school. This sucks greatly!! We (like most Americans today) are in debt to our credit card company. So my parents have suggested moving in with them until we can get rid of that debt. Its such a tempting offer, but dang! I don't want to move back home!
God knows what "fun" I had at home, and I ain't looking to get back in that again. But, I do hafta admit that my parents stated we would take over the basement as our "apartment", but I don't know! I know its a situation that is too good to be true. It's definitely a train wreck waiting to happen. Dave is on the fence about it too.
WHAT TO DO??!! I mean do we move in with them or do we move into a smaller apartment that is cheaper? We live in a three bedroom apartment. Should we just moved into a 2 bedroom? How much less can we go? All I want to do is be able to live on my own.......but should I just swallow up my pride?


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