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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Laugh Heard Round the World

Joseph pushed the hair from Mary's sweaty face as he checked on her; the child was coming soon, if not now. If he didn't find a place to stay, she would be having the baby in the street. He continued to rush from Inn to Inn trying to find a place.

"No more room" was the constant reply. Fear crept into his heart as he tried to find a warm place. "Ahavah, please stop. I cannot go on any longer," Mary clutched her belly as the pain started again.

Joseph stopped the donkey right in front of the last place in Bethlehem. He went in to talk with the Inn Keeper.

"Please Abba, help me." Mary prayed silently as she waited for her husband to come back. The donkey became restless and started to move. Mary cringed at the movement.

"There was no room for us in the Inn, but the Inn Keeper had mercy and will allow us to stay in the stable for the night." Joseph did not like the location, but it was better than letting his wife be shamed by having this child in public.

He gently pulled the donkey along to the stable. As they reached the stable, a young slave boy came out to show them where to stay. "Please bring the mid-wife to us quickly. The baby will be coming soon."

Wide eyed, the young boy shook his head in obedience and ran to get the midwife.

Joseph bundled up the straw trying to make a decent bed; Mary couldn't help but smile at the care he took of her. After he covered the straw with a blanket, he helped Mary lay down. "They are starting again," Mary could no longer hold in her agony - she screamed out as the baby started to come.

Joseph not knowing what to do prayed; "Abba, please bring the midwife soon. I do not know what to do." Tears streamed down his face as he feared he would lose his wife. "Oh, Ahavah please, I cannot take this. Make the pain stop. I cannot take this!" Mary screamed out again as the baby began to show.

Joseph was shocked by the change in his wife's demeanor. He felt hands pick him up. He turned to see the midwife had come. "Thank..." but before he could finish she had pushed him out the door.

"She is fine. I will come and get you when we are done." She turned and closed the door. Joseph fell to the ground and did what he knew God would want him to do. Pray.

"Make this pain stop. I cannot do this anymore!" Mary was distraught. This was not normal, it couldn't be. It hurt too much. "Something is wrong!"

"Hush child. Everything is fine. You will get through this as the women before you have." The midwife shook her head, "This was a young girl, and therefore she was going to be a complainer. This was going to be a hard night," thought the midwife."You must listen and do exactly as I say for this baby to be born. Everything will be fine as long as you do as I say."

Mary nodded her head and prepared for the pain. "Now when you feel the pain again, I want you to push." Mary did as she was told.

She did not hear much else, but she did feel that release. She tried to sit up to see her baby, the one to be called Jesus - but the midwife's slave pushed her to lie back down. Fear quickly crept into her mind; "I want to see him. I did not hear him. Is the baby okay?" she asked the midwife.

Silently, the midwife knelt down and handed her the most precious gift. A son. He fussed a little, but did not cry out loud. As soon as he was in Mary's arms, the world stopped. He looked at her and smiled. Mary could not hold back the tears. "Hello, Jesus. I've been waiting to meet you."

"I cannot believe this," said the midwife, "this has to be the first birth I have ever been a part of that the child did not scream out. In truth, it sounded like he laughed." Mary smiled at her, “It’s because he is special."

The midwife shook her head as she opened the door to let Joseph in: "Come meet your son."

Joseph ran to Mary's side. "Come meet Jesus."


lynnmosher said...

Oh, I love this! What a great Christmas story! Thank you for writing this and sharing it with us. Precious. Blessings to you...

Susan Storm Smith said...

Beautifully written! There is almost a holy hush at the end.

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